Centos dynamic dns not updating

See // If your ISP provided one or more IP addresses for stable // nameservers, you probably want to use them as forwarders.// Uncomment the following block, and insert the addresses replacing // the all-0's placeholder.I am able to ping the machine with IP I am able to ping the machine with domain name (setup on local DNS) I am able to ping windows machines with hostnames (angels-HP, Randy-HP, Robbie-HP, angel-hp) I am able to ping Ubuntu machines (Media-1, Cerberus, Kerberus) with respective IP's,, I am unable to ping Ubuntu machines with hostnames Media-1, Cerberus, Kerberus Does anyone know how to resolve this issue of not being able to resolve Ubuntu hostnames on local network with local DNS (Bind9), and Ubuntu DHCP (isc-dhcp-server)?I have included my config files for Bind9, isc-dhcp-server below!


I have recently installed ubuntu 13.10 server on an "OEM Production 2550L2D-Mx PC Intel NM10 2 x 204Pin Intel GMA 3650 Black Mini / Booksize Barebone System - OEM " with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD.during the install I installed SSH and DNS from the selection menu.// forwarders { //; // }; //======================================================================== // If BIND logs error messages about the root key being expired, // you will need to update your keys. @ IN A @ IN AAAA ::1 ns IN A Cerberus.See https://org/bind-keys //======================================================================== dnssec-validation auto; auth-nxdomain no; # conform to RFC1035 forwarders {; }; listen-on-v6 { any; }; };// // Do any local configuration here // // Consider adding the 1918 zones here, if they are not used in your // organization //include "/etc/bind/zones.rfc1918"; key "rndc-key" { algorithm hmac-md5; secret "q Fsm Fzirh Bc SMWs1+s V3wg=="; }; zone "keystoneaquaria.com" { type master; file "/etc/bind/db.keystoneaquaria.com"; };; ; BIND data file for keystoneaquaria ; $TTL 604800 @ IN SOA IN A; ; BIND reverse data file for 192.168.1 interface ; $TTL 604800 @ IN SOA ns. ( 1 ; Serial 604800 ; Refresh 86400 ; Retry 2419200 ; Expire 604800 ) ; Negative Cache TTL ; @ IN NS ns. 2 IN PTR ibr.# # Sample configuration file for ISC dhcpd for Debian # # Attention: If /etc/ltsp/exists, that will be used as # configuration file instead of this file.

/etc/bind/// This is the primary configuration file for the BIND DNS server named. for information on the // structure of BIND configuration files in Debian, *BEFORE* you customize // this configuration file.// // If you are just adding zones, please do that in /etc/bind/local include "/etc/bind/options"; include "/etc/bind/local"; include "/etc/bind/default-zones";options { directory "/var/cache/bind"; // If there is a firewall between you and nameservers you want // to talk to, you may need to fix the firewall to allow multiple // ports to talk.



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