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However, a lot of them are rolled up in brothels because they don’t have the wherewithal for school fees and living expenses in the city.

The report also found out that most of these migrant sex workers are from Southeast Asia.

There are also international students who landed themselves in brothels and escort agencies in order to keep up with the Western lifestyle.

The promise of greener pastures and a chance to start a new life encourages migrant workers to build their future in Australia.

For instance, the Daily Mail Online published an article about a foreign student who was forced to work as an escort due to the increasing costs of tuition fees, food and accommodation in London.

According to the post, her expenses in studying in the country’s capital reached an average of £1,100 in a month. Toil the brothels and charge enough A report from the Consumer Affairs Victoria gave an insight on the sex trade surrounding international students who work as escorts and prostitutes.

It is common for students to rack up student loans when pursuing their university studies.

But for some international students, they opt to work in the sex trade industry in order to pay their school fees and cover their living expenses.

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why foreign students end up in the sex industry is to pay their living and study expenses.It also illustrated the experiences of these sex workers, where female students wound up as escorts while the men end up as brothel managers or pimps.Data also shows that at least 10 percent of sex workers in bawdy houses are international students.Most of them enter the country with a student visa only to end up as sex workers.


According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, more than half of migrant workers that go into the country are international students.

In addition, they are described as lacking the English language skills and having little education.


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