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Emptying all the trash cans daily and taking them out to the garbage bin eliminates germs and bacteria from your home.

Washing your hands frequently goes a long way toward staying healthy. If you want to cleanse your system, drink a cup of water every thirty to forty-five minutes for several hours.

Saying affirmations will help you to keep sight of your goals with positive reinforcement. Engaging in a moderate exercise program will help to keep you healthy and agile.



Oatmeal helps to boost metabolism as well as lower cholesterol. A small bowl of cherry or grape tomatoes on your kitchen counter will remind you to have a healthy snack. Separate half of the meal into the box to take home. By doing this you will never have to give-up the foods that you love to eat.This will help to avoid a tummy-ache from overeating and you will eliminate excess calories. Think about your the size of your fist.


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