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Fleming, the 2006 & 2008 Democratic nominee for the United States Senate from Mississippi and former member of the Mississippi House of Representatives. Since I served in the Mississippi Legislature during that time, I just want to thank him for painting us all in such a broad brush.The headline article in the March 8th edition of the Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS) startled me yesterday as I was visiting some of my former colleagues in the State Capitol. Ronald Mason, the president of Jackson State University, basically asserted in an e-mail to one of his faculty members that the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus could not be trusted and that the caucus was out to get him. I personally don't know what I did to earn his distrust, considering I was one of his biggest supporters to be hired, and virtually shut down the House of Representatives to make sure JSU received their fair share of funding prior to Billy Mc Coy being the Speaker of the House.Everything has a price, whether it is losing a new friend, making a mom happy, or realizing a bus ticket back to Baltimore really will not bring your parents back together. This is how many young tween girls are feeling when it comes to their parents.It was an unfair assessment of those public servants who have done everything they could to represent the best interests of Mississippi Public Historically Black Colleges and some kind of gesture should be made to make amends to those of us who respected his presidency, especially those of us who are alumni of that fine institution.



For a while, the magic bread box, discovered in the attic, makes life away from home a little easier. That is another well written dynamic in this story because even at the book's end, while there is some resolution between Rebecca and her mom, it's not a clear cut answer and there is still friction.

Then suddenly it starts to make things much, much more difficult, and Rebecca is forced to decide not just where, but who she really wants to be. ( really enjoyed the thoughtful use of magic in this book. I liked how Rebecca was portrayed when it came to her mom.

True, there are some members of the MSLBC that would like to see Dr.

Mason leave, but not all of the members, past or current.

Magic starts off as this great hope for Rebecca, who is going through a rough time as her parents have separated and her mom has taken her, along with her younger brother, Lew, to their mom's hometown, Atlanta, which is definitely as far as it's possible to be from Baltimore, particularly when you're just twelve. Or that's what we are led to believe as kids but Rebecca is getting to that stage in her life where magic isn't a cure-all. She is still a young girl in many ways and feels guilty for forgetting her mom's birthday but then she gets so very angry when she starts to miss her dad or when her mom doesn't give her the answer she wants as to when they can go home.

Even though I figured out the obvious twist with Rebecca's magic bread box, I liked seeing her discover it and become perhaps more aware that once again in life, nothing comes for free. There is a very visible back-and-forth of emotions that Rebecca goes through in regards to her mom and it feels incredibly authentic.


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