As communication officer I had been given the chance to participate in this beautiful project.This was a redesign project of the visual idendity in response to the will of ASF in expanding further its international network.ASF main activities are to collect and refurbish computers, sports equipment and logistics.The association also organizes international solidarity projects involving its employees, giving them the opportunity to help even poorer beneficiaries as part of the process of regaining dignity and self-confidence.I had the chance to participate to one of its major event, ASF 5 years anniversary.Every guest took part to a mural painting during the event.Agraphe is the evocative name of a french graphic design collectives that no longer exist. As communication manager of the Group, I had been given the opportunity to recreate the entire visual identity of the brand. I came up with that name :) La Petite Reine, eco-friendly urban logistics specialist, joined Ares Group (ONG for occupational integration) in 2009.

Read more Circul'livre, a project initiated by the city of Paris consists in sharing books (for free obviously) with all.Books are marked with the logo and can be left on the street when read or at the several meeting point. Assoclic is a program run by Ateliers Sans Frontières to provide, to selected associations and educative projects, computers refurbished in the workshops.


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