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A little noise played, the image box flickered and then, just like that, I’d be face to face. Jen signed on a couple minutes later with music blasting for a moment but then quickly quieting down. I mean, I definitely dug chicks with She was immediately very friendly, greeting me like someone she knew well and putting her usual bright attitude on display.She was unapologetically open and public with her life and it was inspiring to me.I was getting part of the way there with a blog about my dating experiences, but Jen was doing this with everything all the time and she’d built the entire thing herself. Plus, she was internet famous, which was exactly what I aspired to be one day. Indeed, when I was first told about her some months earlier, I had read the shit out of her website and became mildly obsessed with her for a few days.This made me understand much more concretely why women sometimes refused to read any significant amount my site before going out with me. In preparation for our video chat date, I had purchased cookies, chocolate and wine because I felt like I needed to have something to do while we talked to each other.Originally, this date had been planned for Tuesday of this week and I’d asked Jen to block out a solid hour or two of time, just to ensure that she knew I was taking this thing seriously. didn’t have to hear our entire date in the next room over, and I’d also moved and positioned my laptop for the best possible view of me.


I wanted financial security because I was raised without it.I wanted a beautiful and impressive woman in my life because I’d grown up thinking it was impossible to have one.In addition to being beautiful, she was impressive.Jen was a lifecaster, putting all aspects of her life online for other people to see.

Luckily, I had forgotten a good amount about her life by the time our date rolled around, so I wouldn’t simply be rehashing stuff from the internet.

Well, it was probably on the internet, I guess, but it would feel new to me.


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