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he's dated a lot of girls, and in some interviews you even find him checking out girls, and he loves boobs, seriously. Then again, he is British, and most guys there are gay friendly and supportive.

I think it should have stayed in, because it shows the relationship between Thor and Loki."Tom Hiddleston will have a career for a long time. which is why I waited so long to watch it in the first place, but now I kinda regret not watching it earlier.. Openly gay actors find it more difficult to get roles, it's sad but it's the truth.. They want to be famous movie stars, they want money, to party, be treated like a VIP star and bang as many hot chicks as possible. because he genuinely seems turned on by women, but I'm still not leaving out the fact that he might be bi.. So I gather this opportunity to charm Colin Morgan into bed was likely wasted on Tom.

The reason I like him is because he's got such a great personality. It takes a good actor to bring life to such a complex character. I rubbed a few out to mental images of him afterwards. I have no idea why they cut that scene out though.. The reason I think there's so few openly gay actors in Hollywood is simply because most actors are very ambitious and are willing to closet themselves to get a career, hell.. Secondly, it's not that there's few gay actors in Hollywood, it's just that most openly gay actors are weeded out before they ever get big, because it's seen as a liability. Which is why I'm saying that Tom Hiddleston is most likely straight..

I find Loki to be a very sexually charged character in The Avengers (especiallly love the scene in Stuttgart where he walks down the steps in the D&G suit), but my favorite physical period for Hiddleston was the second season of Wallander. But instead he put in three years hard work,(and drama school is hard work! (and I still sometimes have fantasies about running into him at a RADA reunion and....who knows! Has anybody seen anything that suggests broader acting chops?

This was the time period in which he added 25 pounds to his 6'2' frame and grew his hair out to audition for the role of Thor (which ultimately lead to his casting as Loki). ) worked his way up thru the theatre doing award winning work and will probably become a respected actor on stage and screen for life. Not gay, but straight, and a supporter of gay rights.

I like Tom Hiddelston though, but for a time I mixed him up with J. However, I do know people who know and/or have worked with Ben, and their opinions run hot and cold. He is doing very well for himself and I think equally as talented as BC. I am a huge Sherlock fan and was just curious about your views. As for women, yes he does seem to be into curvier women than what your average actor would be into, which is interesting. He's constantly seen checking out interviewers boobs and ass. That said, R64, I have to agree that he doesn't have much chemistry with women on screen. I don't think he's fully gay, since I do think he's genuinely into women, but he might be into men too.. And to the posters who said he's a bad actor, I have to disagree.

Having said that, all seem to agree that he is enormously talented, and Hollywood appears to have the same opinion.(And to be fair, just as Tom makes it easy to love him, Ben seems hellbent on validating my personal impressions with his foot-in-mouth disease.)R7 I read an interview where BC's sister said he was perfect for Sherlock as he is quite like him in real life. He was banging Kat Dennings for a while from what I understand. Either he's a bad actor, or there's a reason he doesn't have much chemistry with them.. I think he's a very good actor, and he was really good in The Avengers, and especially in Thor. Any other actor would have played Loki as a one note, but he gave the character more depth. I actually found Loki much more interesting than Thor, and that's because of Tom's brilliant portrayal of Loki.r67 Tom spent his youth in boys' boarding schools.


Best known as Loki from Thor and The Avengers, this Eton, Cambridge and RADA educated actor, is handsome, articulate and disarmingly humble (notable in a field of other similarly-privileged peers demonstrating far less gratitude for their careers --*cough*Benedict Cumberbatch*cough*). he can rap, sing, play the guitar, speak 5 languages.. I agree that the fangirls have started to adore him"Actually, fangirl adoration is very dangerous for a highly trained, extremely talented actor's career. His Loki totally turns me on.[quote]I'd recommend you to watch some interviews of Tom Hiddleston, because your comment tells me you have no idea how he's like. (especially in a place where competitiveness and hurt feelings were the norm. Though I must add that "dating below himself" doesn't necessarily mean he's gay. I probably would have if I had known how awesome Loki is.r19 here...thing I always respected about Tom was that unlike so many people who go drama school with pretty much the sole intent of getting an agent---they all think they are already great actors (either from prior stuff or because they got into RADA) and they just want the RADA connections-----Tom already was signed by Hamilton Hodell (one of if not they best agencies in Lonon) before he went to RADA. the gays have everything to gain by closeting themselves in the business today. You are talking about the openly gay actors, but there's definitely a lot of gay actors in the closet.. They want to be famous movie stars, they want money, to party, be treated like a VIP star and bang as many hot chicks as possible.[quote]I agree [R35] in a way, let's be real. Again, your problem is that you assume every actor is straight. Oh well, I still prefer to imagine them going home together after the match.Being the delusional, hopeless fanboy that I am, I submit that there is evidence he is gay, although admittedly there is counter-evidence which suggests he's just really, really enthusiastic. And not just because he will be offered cutesey roles, but because he'll be labeled a "has-been" when the fangirls move onto someone else. He has all the qualities I usually dislike in a guy: fair, thin, slight aristocratic bearing... This guy is intelligent, articulate, sweet, kind, warm, funny, inspirational, talented, humble, polite and he's also very generous towards his fans. He's so confident and the confidence makes him sexy. You must have been fingering yourself pretty intensely while you typed all that! I only sort of knew him since he was in his last year and I was in my first. He dated a few girls but the girls were sort of beneath him in terms of attractiveness. I'd say it was possible he'd be a gay person who comes out (to himself) later in life. I just think he prefers more curvy women, and that's refreshing, especially coming from an actor. The agency saw him in a university production of Streetcar Named Desire and signed him on the basis of that. He keeps looking at women's breasts in interviews, and now this? hell, there's even been some openly gay actors who are willing to go back into the closet when they get famous. Ask yourself this: how many gay guys are in drama school? If Tom is as polite as everyone here says, though, he should get a clue that Merlin and the woman next to them could use some of the bench space he's devoting to airing his genitals.


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