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After updating Blood Hound, if you find that Ninja Trader is giving de-serialization errors, you can clear these errors out by simply and safely deleting the following Ninja Trader ‘Set Default’ files: In your My Documents Ninja Trader 7templates Indicators…folders: These files store “default” settings for your indicator or strategy.How to deactivate your license so it can be moved to another computer.

This allows you to license Blood Hound on a backup computer(such as a laptop).

Our software licensing does Not use Ninja Trader’s Machine ID.

Minor updates can be performed manually, if you wish.

If you have been instructed to update Blood Hound manually, proceed to Checking for Minor Updates.

Instead, it uses an activation process that allows you to activate or deactivate a computer whenever you need, so that you do not have to wait for us to make the change.Only 8 deactivation are allowed per license to help prevent fraud and sharing.


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