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First, a Fed-Ex guy shows up at my door holding two packages. I tear open the boxes, only to find two more Styrofoam containers waiting inside marked "Perishable." And inside these, still more boxes, this time resting among several jagged chunks of dry ice giving the whole experience a "Weird Science" kind of feel. You can either let them thaw for 1 to 2 hours – the preferred method – or for those of you seeking immediate Donut satisfaction, a 10-15 second zap in the microwave will do just fine (although in this case one must beware of overly-melted frosting and overly-sticky hands).Frank chose the name after biting into his new creation for the first time and proclaiming "Holy Shit!


first approached me about trying their groundbreaking low-fat, trans fat-free gourmet Donuts, I was a little skeptical.

Over the years, Blognut's palette, and hopefully my arteries, have grown accustomed to the addictive satisfaction of nutrionally-useless partially-hydrogenated oil, and the idea of a so-called "healthy" Donut seemed completely oxymoronic.


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