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Our shop has the full range of products that the online store has meaning it is by far the best sex shop for choice in Ireland with over 3,000 different product lines.But we also wanted to bring the pricing closer to our online prices.IF YOU HAVE the right attitude, working on a phone sex hotline isn’t the worst job in the world – according to someone who has done it.


Play Blue is not only Ireland’s best online sex shop we also have a bricks and mortar shop in Kilkenny.

We bought out a local sex shop called Scandalous at the start of 2013 with the idea of bringing our online concept to the Kilkenny our home town.

We do the real world shopping experience a little different as we believe there is no reason why we can’t offer the same fantastic choice and service as we already do online.

We have since remodeled the store and re-branded from Scandalous as a Play Blue adult store with plans for expansion to other locations.

Play Blue which is also Kilkenny based has always admired Scandalous and it was an obvious fit to take it over and continue the best Kilkenny tradition of supplying quality sex toys and novelties to locals and visitors alike.

We expect to continue to offer the best of Scandalous Kilkenny with the best online sex shop in Ireland all from our Kilkenny base.


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    A former Chappaqua drama teacher accused of inappropriate conduct with his students is due back in New Castle Town Court on Thursday, nine months after he was arrested and charged with sex abuse and other crimes.

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    One in four relationships now start online, and that number will only increase.

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