Cheaterdating com

I received nude photos from some women, descriptions of sexual acts they wanted to perform on/with/for me, and eventually went on dates with the women with whom I connected.The relief I felt is because, thankfully — I was undercover as a “cheating husband,” investigating the real-world reasons why women cheat … Orlando When the news broke yesterday that Ashley Madison — the cheater’s dating site — fell prey to a hack, I felt a twinge of panic … The panic is because I went on Ashley Madison as a cheater.I entered into many-an-illicit chat session with women who wanted to hook-up — both emotionally and physically.But this isn’t just an issue of cyber security, where credit cards and private financial information are simply stolen and later used, exploited and/or sold.

My wife knew what I was doing, but I didn’t give her all the details of all the chat sessions.Even though it was for research purposes and I didn’t cheat, it was very difficult for me to share everything with her. It was uncomfortable for me, and in retrospect that is probably part of why she and I fought so terribly during my investigation on Ashley Madison.


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