Cheats in galaxy angel dating sims

However, if any of you played my first game then you'd know that there were some bugs that needed to be worked out.So it should also be known that no bugs will be fixed with the first Hetalia game.Some images (such as Carly) will be grainy, inaccurate, etc. That's all I can think of right now that might cause people great stress... However, I'll admit, I don't really like Japan or Italy, to me they're overdone and boring (sorry) Questions, Comments, and Concerns As I've said before, this game is littered with bugs.But I assure, most of the bugs are minor, and if there's a bug, say, that you can talk to someone unlimited regardless of HP, then congratulations, you beat the game. However, this game is my baby and I spent 7 months making it.Anime Sim Date 2 5 This is a sequel of Anime Sim Date 2, so it better to first play that game.


Anyone who finds that these bugs are too much to handle may feel free to stop playing the game at any moment.

All variables are in a movie clip, if you reach the end of the game and decide to restart it and try with a different character you will still have the same EXP with the character you chose first. If you are on a "conversation slide" with one of the boys, and you decide to click the menu button, sometimes the variables inside the movieclip will not appear.


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