Chelsea handler and chuy dating

On the show, he usually relayed comedic relief and was the topic of many of her jokes.

However, he suffered a freak injury prior to the competition's first round, breaking his heel, and was forced to withdraw.

"I have been through a lot in my life," he said, "but I've overcome my struggles and now I'm finally living my life." Bravo has also started The Bravo Academy in Los Angeles, stating to have a focus on the Latin community in Hollywood.

On the show Bravo said that he was very disappointed about his injury and that he wanted to show the world and a "special someone" (presumably Handler) that he was not lazy; he vowed to return for the second season of Splash if he was asked back and if the series were renewed (it was not).


And the claims she made about Handler’s little person sidekick Chuy Bravo are shocking.“The whole relationship on the show between Chelsea and Chuy was so wrong and so inappropriate — basically like she owned a slave or a pet, but people didn’t care because the little people were just so happy that a little person had a job, that she was a supporter of little people,” Mc Donald claimed.


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