Chemistry dating review


Fraudulent website -- never been on or signed up for or and received an 'interested in you' email from

What crap....can't these companies be banned for fraud?

I know im an international player but come on ;-) haha!

Ive never had that issue on We Just and ive been using that for months.

is what you expect, similar to the other sites in that network.

Personally I get a bit p*ssed off with all the Russian girls messaging me when im in Norwich!

Wont diss Chemistry too much as I aint sayin its a total disapointment but still think it could be a lot better. must have hacked into e Harmony and stolen my old profile and email. Suddenly now bogus text messages started arriving from a dating site which I had never signed up for.......owned by

I got off e Harmony 3 yrs ago and been married for 2 years.

The mobile app is really good though, maybe the best ive used so far.Here's the format of one such message" "Txtme6463974O27 is interested in getting to know you and has sent you an email" Of course, there is no "unsubscribe" link and if one clicks on "change my e-mail options" there is no possibility to "unsubscribe".Anything which one undertakes to get off of their spam list requires log in.I also like that its free for women as it means there are more girls online than other sites. I suspect that "Amberleigh" is actually a forty-eight year old man in a wife-beater with a cigar in his mouth and a bottle of Thunderbird in his desk-drawer.


To get the most out of, you will require: (1) A mental prophylactic.

Most of the people on the site will give you syphilis just by thinking about them.


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