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And unfortunately, knowingly or unknowingly, we are participating and/or contributing to that propaganda today.”And asks desperately:“Why do we continue with the legacy of erroneous information and flawed interpretation and be a part of the anti-Bangladesh propaganda? As I’ve asked before, do you pick fights with a helpless beggar who says something awful about you? Frankly, this borders on the ridiculousness of CNN decrying the cable news coverage of the latest Britney Spears breakdown…which of course is their way of covering the latest Britney Spears breakdown!To repeat ad nauseum: the problem with Kissinger was not this remark, but his material support for the Pakistani army!!!That’s the right perspective and it is not represented here! The writer and editors might argue that this was not an article about Kissinger’s foreign policy, but only about his “bottomless basket” remark. Because the article says clearly:“It was this propaganda that had been carried out in the world to unmake Bangladesh -- to prove that breaking up with Pakistan wasn’t a viable alternative in the first place. By focusing on just the “bottomless basket” remark, we have once again given it undue importance and thus “participating and/or contributing to that propaganda today” by consenting not only to propagating it, but also to say that it is actually important enough to refute.” and lastly, with a truly ironic attempt at irony, “Let us recognize Ural Alexis Johnson …work in unison to prove his prediction wrong…”Firstly, “development” is not – or at any rate, should not be - about trying to prove the NYT or Americans wrong, and even less about trying to live up to the expectations of Westerners.That entire “proving” business is the worst thing about our little obsession over Kissinger’s comments.


I say “borders” because our genocide actually matters!3) Nothing though beats the extreme irony of what this article teaches us. It says things like “Bangladesh did not get even a year to prove the American diplomat Ural Alexis Johnson wrong!


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