Christian cafe dating site

Read on to get all the necessary details."Christian is a comfortable relaxing online Cafe where Christian singles connect with one other.Whether you're looking for a companion, a date, or a soul mate, Christian is the place for you! Try our Christian dating service absolutely free."When your free trial runs out after the first 10 days, you'll be asked to pay for one of the membership plans to allow continued full access to Christian Cafe.There is no advertising of any kind on Christian Cafe.Christian Cafe prides themselves on being a safe dating site and has a link to their suggested safe dating practices on every page for their membership to use.Former members aren't allowed to sign up again under a different user name and need to email [email protected] their details for reinstatement. Paid memberships cost .95 USD for two weeks, .95 USD for one month, .95 USD for three months, .95 USD for six months, or 9.95 USD for one year's access.Although these fees are a tad high, (and thus why Christian Cafe received a 4.5 rating instead of a 5), they are almost on par with the higher-end niche dating sites today.One of the older, more established dating sites focused on Christian singles, with a fairly substantial membership base to show for it.

Although not required to stay on the website, you won't have the ability to contact other members or answer emails without paying past the initial trial period.If a member doesn't visit Christian Cafe after 90 days, their profile gets removed.A free, no obligation and no credit card required 7-10 day membership is earned by posting a profile picture and filling out the short user form.Members also earn five free days for every paid member they refer to Christian Cafe.

Previous paying members only have to email the site owners to have their profile placed back on the system, and duplicate profiles are not allowed.

Most dating sites keep profiles posted indefinitely to bloat their membership numbers so this is both a refreshing and helpful feature.


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