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An Invitation from the Master Gardener God invites all to come to Him. I Gaze It’s easy to say, “I’m a Christian.” Does your life really reflect that statement? Rahab If God can use Rahab, who was a prostitute, then He can use me . Salvation A poem that reminds us that God has a plan for our lives. New Year I realize it’s not near the beginning of a new year so this poem can motivate you for the rest of the year! But it contains life; we need to open it, read it and live it.

From a Dark Corner No matter what your circumstances, God will hear your cries for help. Untitled Poem #3 In this poem, Emily expresses hope that God will use her to bring others to a saving knowledge of the Jesus of the Bible. Christ Love With the love of Jesus Christ in our hearts we can live a fulfilled life. The Dusty Old Book This poem spoke to me because there are times when I neglect God’s Word.

A Prince Among Men A tribute to our friend Tim, the author of most of the articles (and many of the poems) on this site. Our children know that we love them, but do they know the all-important, all-encompassing, eternal love of the Father? The Miracles of Jesus The miracles of Jesus expressed in the form of a poem. Bullies Molding We are all unique and special to God. God’s Gift This poem lays out the story of salvation and what you need to do to receive God’s gift of eternal life. Jesus gave man life – and his creation killed him in cold blood. The Master Painter This poem conjures up a picture of Jesus’ hand moving upon the face of our world.

One Minute Altar Call Do you know what’s going to happen to you in the next minute? Tell Them of His Love Thank you Lanette for this message. The Best Is Yet to Come A Christian poem by Gerald Bergeron, a new contributor to our site! Kingdom Tyres Kingdom Tyres — the place to go when you need a spiritual recharge. What will it be like when we finally see our God face to face? His Birth A Christmas poem about the birth of Jesus Christ. Rock This poem reminds us that God isn’t through with us. A poem that answer a simple question: why did God pick us to accomplish His work in this world? This poem was sent in around Easter – this shows you how slow I am to post things! We must repent and believe in Him to receive that gift. But someday, for those of us who trust in Jesus Christ, there will be no more pain or tears. Strong in You Lord Relying on our own strength will ultimately cause us to fail. And God Cried This poem reminds us of God’s love for us – and His desire to interact intimately with His children.

Ministry A Christian poem that reminds us to keep our eyes focused on Jesus and not to be distracted by the lures of the world. Computer How much time do you spend reading the manual God has provided for you? As We Grow and Wish to Glow A Christian poem about how we can live a life that truly matters. Ensnared and at Peace A poem about what it’s like to be caught in the net of Jesus’ love. His Feet His feet, oh those beautiful that were nailed to the cross just so I would not be lost.

There Is a Pit So Deep This poem by Emily reminds us that sin is, well, very unpleasant. I Had a Dream Trust in the Lord, stand on His promises, and completely believe. Abide in Me As Christ-followers, we always have support when times get tough. But when the church is alive and thriving, he’s actively attempting to thwart God’s work. We forge our own identities and manage our own fate! A Sinner Saved by His Amazing Grace This Christian poem poem describes how God reaches down and plucks us right out of Satan’s grasp. A poem that reminds us of Jesus’ purpose for coming to earth.

This page presents Christian poems by a variety of authors. The poetry on this page reflects the phenomenal news of Jesus Christ in one way or another. We’re sorry, but not all poems submitted will be published. Empty Vessel Another motivational and thought-provoking Christian poem from Mike. Christmas – It’s Almost Here What will your focus be this upcoming holiday season? I Am Alive We are alive because Jesus gave His life for us. Resolution This poem by Mike reminds us that the Christian faith is not about a list of rules – it’s about a relationship with the Jesus of the Bible.

I suppose it would seem so, given what the world thinks love is. Shaking the Dust A Christian poem dedicated to a woman who doggedly ministers to the women of her church, as well as to anyone with whom she might share the gospel. The Old Man What would you do if Jesus came to YOUR town? The Devil in the Confessional Box Satan knows what he’s doing and he’s out to get you. Jesus Came to Save Cindy has a way of presenting the gospel in concise, poetic form.

The Cross Think on the cross of Christ and what it means to you. Joan’s poem describes the completed work Jesus did for us on the cross. And He waits patiently for all to respond to His invitation. Life or Death Regardless of how deep we are mired in sin, God will still provide a way of escape. Forgive Yourself We need to remind ourselves that the past is the past. He offers salvation to all, regardless of past experiences. The Sign of the Bow When you see a rainbow, remember God’s promise to us.

One side desires to follow Jesus, and the other side wants to sin. Kerrie’s poem paints a picture of some of the things Mary must have experienced. Eternal paradise with God or passing pleasure on the earth? I Saw a Little Girl of Seven This Christian poem by Emily (only ten years old! Andy’s Story A life consistently lived for Jesus Christ can have a significant impact on observers. Hedgehog When people get too close, do you put on a mask or are you real? Emergency, Emergency, 9-1-1 A poem remembering our lost and reminding us where our focus needs to be–on the One who saves. First Time From the very moment we’re conceived, God is there with us, watching and waiting. Home Jesus died, rose, and ascended into heaven where He is preparing a home for those who believe in Him. Broken We build our lives with such care only to see that everything is temporary and without meaning.

Or have you taken the chance that His death on the cross and subsequent resurrection affords you? In the Mirror What do you see when YOU look in the mirror? Unconditional A Christian poem about God’s grace and how it is extended to everyone–even those who purposely travel far from Him. Confession of a Ransomed Man A Christian poem that describes how God freed a man from the shackles of sin and death. A Christian poem that reminds us that the fruit of the Spirit should be seen in our lives. Jesus Paid My Debt A poem that reminds us of the significant debt that Jesus paid for us.

The Story – An Easter Poem The story of Jesus’ resurrection never gets old. It’s our reasonable service to give our lives to Him. Liz James Tim was one of the privileged ones to know Liz James well. But the message is more global: if we have the good news, we should share it. Everything A poem about coming back to God — about realizing that He is everything we will ever need and giving our lives to Him. No Substitute The world can offer us various solutions to our pain: drugs, sex, music, food . Like so many holidays, this one has been completely maligned and turned into something frivolous. Tears in Crystal Vials It’s easy to focus on our pain in this life. Royal Blood Shed — A Good Friday Poem Jesus gave His life for us. Always There A Christian poem by Monica that reminds us that Jesus is always there — ALWAYS. Not liking what you see in the mirror so much anymore? The New Chance: His Love How have you reacted to the murder of Jesus Christ? Tragedy too Great to Bear With September 11 fast approaching, it’s time to remember those we lost and pray for those who still suffer. And He will never stop waiting for us to turn to Him and accept His amazing gift of life. Anglicans Anonymous Mike can write a poem like this because he’s British (I think). The Finest Hour What has been your life’s finest hour? He’ll Move Your Mountain God is the same God who parted the Red Sea and who saved Daniel from the lions. Freedom Reigns God gave the USA her freedom and He could just as easily take it away. Jesus waits for us; He wants to give our lives significance. sure, such things can make you feel better, but only temporarily. Mushrooms A poem that reminds us of the signficance of Easter.


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    conventional long form: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan conventional short form: Afghanistan local long form: Jamhuri-ye Islami-ye Afghanistan local short form: Afghanistan former: Republic of Afghanistan etymology: the name "Afghan" originally refered to the Pashtun people (today it is understood to include all the country's ethnic groups), while the suffix "-stan" means "place of" or "country"; so Afghanistan literally means the "Land of the Afghans" conventional long form: Republic of Albania conventional short form: Albania local long form: Republika e Shqiperise local short form: Shqiperia former: People's Socialist Republic of Albania etymology: the English-language country name seems to be derived from the ancient Illyrian tribe of the Albani; the native name "Shqiperia" is popularly interpreted to mean "Land of the eagles" conventional long form: People's Democratic Republic of Algeria conventional short form: Algeria local long form: Al Jumhuriyah al Jaza'iriyah ad Dimuqratiyah ash Sha'biyah local short form: Al Jaza'ir etymology: the country name derives from the capital city of Algiers conventional long form: Territory of American Samoa conventional short form: American Samoa abbreviation: AS etymology: the name Samoa is composed of two parts, "sa" meaning "sacred" and "moa" meaning "center," so the name can mean Holy Center; alternatively, it can mean "place of the sacred moa bird" of Polynesian mythology conventional long form: Principality of Andorra conventional short form: Andorra local long form: Principat d'Andorra local short form: Andorra etymology: the origin of the country's name is obscure; since the area served as part of the Spanish March (defensive buffer zone) against the invading Moors in the 8th century, the name may derive from the Arabic "ad-darra" meaning "the forest" conventional long form: Republic of Angola conventional short form: Angola local long form: Republica de Angola local short form: Angola former: People's Republic of Angola etymology: name derived by the Portuguese from the title "ngola" held by kings of the Ndongo (Ndongo was a kingdom in what is now northern Angola) conventional long form: none conventional short form: Anguilla etymology: the name Anguilla means "eel" in various Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French) and likely derives from the island's lengthy shape conventional long form: none conventional short form: Antigua and Barbuda etymology: "antiguo" is Spanish for "ancient" or "old"; the island was discovered by Christopher COLUMBUS in 1493 and, according to tradition, named by him after the church of Santa Maria la Antigua (Old Saint Mary's) in Seville; "barbuda" is Spanish for "bearded" and the adjective may refer to the alleged beards of the indigenous people or to the island's bearded-fig trees etymology: the name Arctic comes from the Greek word "arktikos" meaning "near the bear" or "northern," and that word derives from "arktos," meaning "bear"; the name refers either to the constellation Ursa Major, the "Great Bear," which is prominent in the northern celestial sphere, or to the constellation Ursa Minor, the "Little Bear," which contains Polaris, the North (Pole) Star conventional long form: Argentine Republic conventional short form: Argentina local long form: Republica Argentina local short form: Argentina etymology: originally the area was referred to as Tierra Argentina, i.e., "Land beside the Silvery River" or "silvery land," which referred to the massive estuary in the east of the country, the Rio de la Plata (River of Silver); over time the name shortened to simply Argentina or "silvery" conventional long form: Republic of Armenia conventional short form: Armenia local long form: Hayastani Hanrapetut'yun local short form: Hayastan former: Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, Armenian Republic etymology: the etymology of the country's name remains obscure; according to tradition, the country is named after Hayk, the legendary patriarch of the Armenians and the great-great-grandson of Noah; Hayk's descendant, Aram, purportedly is the source of the name Armenia conventional long form: none conventional short form: Aruba etymology: the origin of the island's name is unclear; according to tradition, the name comes from the Spanish phrase "oro huba" (there was gold), but in fact no gold was ever found on the island; another possibility is the native word "oruba," which means "well situated" conventional long form: Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands conventional short form: Ashmore and Cartier Islands etymology: named after British Captain Samuel ASHMORE, who first sighted his namesake island in 1811, and after the ship Cartier, from which the second island was discovered in 1800 conventional long form: Commonwealth of Australia conventional short form: Australia abbreviation: AS etymology: the name Australia derives from the Latin "australis" meaning "southern"; the Australian landmass was long referred to as "Terra Australis" or the Southern Land conventional long form: Republic of Austria conventional short form: Austria local long form: Republik Oesterreich local short form: Oesterreich etymology: the name Oesterreich means "eastern realm" or "eastern march" and dates to the 10th century; the designation refers to the fact that Austria was the easternmost extension of Bavaria, and in fact of all the Germans; the word Austria is a Latinization of the German name conventional long form: Republic of Azerbaijan conventional short form: Azerbaijan local long form: Azarbaycan Respublikasi local short form: Azarbaycan former: Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic etymology: the name translates as "Land of fire" and refers to naturally occurring surface fires on ancient oil pools or from natural gas discharges conventional long form: Commonwealth of The Bahamas conventional short form: The Bahamas etymology: name derives from the Spanish "baha mar," meaning "shallow sea," which describes the shallow waters of the Bahama Banks conventional long form: Kingdom of Bahrain conventional short form: Bahrain local long form: Mamlakat al Bahrayn local short form: Al Bahrayn former: Dilmun, State of Bahrain etymology: the name means "the two seas" in Arabic and refers to the water bodies surrounding the archipelago conventional long form: People's Republic of Bangladesh conventional short form: Bangladesh local long form: Gana Prajatantri Bangladesh local short form: Bangladesh former: East Bengal, East Pakistan etymology: the name - a compound of the Bengali words "Bangla" (Bengal) and "desh" (country) - means "Country of Bengal" conventional long form: none conventional short form: Barbados etymology: the name derives from the Portuguese "as barbadas," which means "the bearded ones" and can refer either to the long, hanging roots of the island's bearded-fig trees or to the alleged beards of the native Carib inhabitants conventional long form: Republic of Belarus conventional short form: Belarus local long form: Respublika Byelarus'/Respublika Belarus' local short form: Byelarus'/Belarus' former: Belorussian (Byelorussian) Soviet Socialist Republic etymology: the name is a compound of the Belarusian words "bel" (white) and "Rus" (the Old East Slavic ethnic designation) to form the meaning White Rusian or White Ruthenian conventional long form: Kingdom of Belgium conventional short form: Belgium local long form: Royaume de Belgique (French)/Koninkrijk Belgie (Dutch)/Koenigreich Belgien (German) local short form: Belgique/Belgie/Belgien etymology: the name derives from the Belgae, an ancient Celtic tribal confederation that inhabited an area between the English Channel and the west bank of the Rhine in the first centuries B. conventional long form: none conventional short form: Belize former: British Honduras etymology: may be named for the Belize River, whose name possibly derives from the Maya word "belix," meaning "muddy-watered" conventional long form: Republic of Benin conventional short form: Benin local long form: Republique du Benin local short form: Benin former: Dahomey etymology: named for the Bight of Benin, the body of water on which the country lies conventional long form: none conventional short form: Bermuda former: Somers Islands etymology: the islands making up Bermuda are named after Juan de BERMUDEZ, an early 16th century Spanish sea captain and the first European explorer of the archipelago conventional long form: Kingdom of Bhutan conventional short form: Bhutan local long form: Druk Gyalkhap local short form: Druk Yul etymology: named after the Bhotia, the ethnic Tibetans who migrated from Tibet to Bhutan; Bod is the Tibetan name for their land; the Bhutanese name "Druk Yul" means "Land of the Thunder Dragon" conventional long form: Plurinational State of Bolivia conventional short form: Bolivia local long form: Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia local short form: Bolivia etymology: the country is named after Simon BOLIVAR, a 19th-century leader in the South American wars for independence conventional long form: none conventional short form: Bosnia and Herzegovina local long form: none local short form: Bosna i Hercegovina former: People's Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina abbreviation: Bi H etymology: the larger northern territory is named for the Bosna River; the smaller southern section takes its name from the German word "herzog," meaning "duke," and the ending "-ovina," meaning "land," forming the combination denoting "dukedom" conventional long form: Republic of Botswana conventional short form: Botswana local long form: Republic of Botswana local short form: Botswana former: Bechuanaland etymology: the name Botswana means "Land of the Tswana" - referring to the country's major ethnic group conventional long form: Federative Republic of Brazil conventional short form: Brazil local long form: Republica Federativa do Brasil local short form: Brasil etymology: the country name derives from the brazilwood tree that used to grow plentifully along the coast of Brazil and that was used to produce a deep red dye conventional long form: none conventional short form: British Virgin Islands abbreviation: BVI etymology: the myriad islets, cays, and rocks surrounding the major islands reminded explorer Christopher COLUMBUS in 1493 of Saint Ursula and her 11,000 virgin followers (Santa Ursula y las Once Mil Virgenes), which over time shortened to the Virgins (las Virgenes) conventional long form: Brunei Darussalam conventional short form: Brunei local long form: Negara Brunei Darussalam local short form: Brunei etymology: derivation of the name is unclear; according to legend, MUHAMMAD SHAH, who would become the first sultan of Brunei, upon discovering what would become Brunei exclaimed "Baru nah," which roughly translates as "there" or "that's it" conventional long form: Republic of Bulgaria conventional short form: Bulgaria local long form: Republika Bulgaria local short form: Bulgaria etymology: named after the Bulgar tribes who settled the lower Balkan region in the 7th century A. conventional long form: none conventional short form: Burkina Faso local long form: none local short form: Burkina Faso former: Upper Volta, Republic of Upper Volta etymology: name translates as "Land of the honest (incorruptible) men" conventional long form: Union of Burma conventional short form: Burma local long form: Pyidaungzu Thammada Myanma Naingngandaw (translated as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) local short form: Myanma Naingngandaw former: Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma, Union of Myanmar note: since 1989 the military authorities in Burma and the current parliamentary government have promoted the name Myanmar as a conventional name for their state; the US Government has not adopted the name etymology: both "Burma" and "Myanmar" derive from the name of the majority Burmese Bamar ethnic group conventional long form: Republic of Burundi conventional short form: Burundi local long form: Republique du Burundi/Republika y'u Burundi local short form: Burundi former: Urundi etymology: name derived from the pre-colonial Kingdom of Burundi (17th-19th century) conventional long form: Republic of Cabo Verde conventional short form: Cabo Verde local long form: Republica de Cabo Verde local short form: Cabo Verde etymology: the name derives from Cap-Vert (Green Cape) on the Senegalese coast, the westernmost point of Africa and the nearest mainland to the islands conventional long form: Kingdom of Cambodia conventional short form: Cambodia local long form: Preahreacheanachakr Kampuchea (phonetic transliteration) local short form: Kampuchea Kampuchea former: Khmer Republic, Democratic Kampuchea, People's Republic of Kampuchea, State of Cambodia etymology: the English name Cambodia is an anglicization of the French Cambodge, which is the French transliteration of the native name Kampuchea conventional long form: Republic of Cameroon conventional short form: Cameroon local long form: Republique du Cameroun/Republic of Cameroon local short form: Cameroun/Cameroon former: French Cameroon, British Cameroon, Federal Republic of Cameroon, United Republic of Cameroon etymology: in the 15th century, Portuguese explorers named the area near the mouth of the Wouri River the Rio dos Camaroes (River of Prawns) after the abundant shrimp in the water; over time the designation became Cameroon in English; this is the only instance where a country is named afer a crustacean conventional long form: Central African Republic conventional short form: none local long form: Republique Centrafricaine local short form: none former: Ubangi-Shari, Central African Empire abbreviation: CAR etymology: self-descriptive name specifying the country's location on the continent; "Africa" is derived from the Roman designation of the area corresponding to present-day Tunisia "Africa terra," which meant "Land of the Afri" (the tribe resident in that area), but which eventually came to mean the entire continent conventional long form: Republic of Chad conventional short form: Chad local long form: Republique du Tchad/Jumhuriyat Tshad local short form: Tchad/Tshad etymology: named for Lake Chad, which lies along the country's western border; the word "tsade" means "large body of water" or "lake" in several local native languages conventional long form: Republic of Chile conventional short form: Chile local long form: Republica de Chile local short form: Chile etymology: derivation of the name is unclear, but it may come from the Mapuche word "chilli" meaning "limit of the earth" or from the Quechua "chiri" meaning "cold" conventional long form: People's Republic of China conventional short form: China local long form: Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo local short form: Zhongguo abbreviation: PRC etymology: English name derives from the Qin (Chin) rulers of the 3rd century B.

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