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Christian Mingle embraces your particular place on “the faith spectrum” so you can discover someone who genuinely understands your core values.By helping you meet Christian singles based on your specific search criteria, we give you the best chances for a meaningful match. I had been on a few other dates with guys through the site, but none felt like this.There’s plenty of PDA in PDX because Portland’s eclectic neighborhoods inspire the coolest dates.Downtown Portland is an urban wonderland of great food and drinks.

The Pearl District’s cobblestone streets and cool bars are a combination of history and hip.Christian Mingle is all about what makes you Meet your Portland Christian match today! When you register at Christian and create your quick and easy profile, you’ll discover a whole new world of Christian singles. After those dates my head hurt from trying to keep the conversation going for two hours. Our first date lasted eight hours, coffee turned to dinner and when the restaurant kicked us out because they were closing, we found our way to a 24-hour diner where I drank a pot of coffee while talking and laughing with the man who would someday become my husband.


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    To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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    Over a million new connections are made every day between real people on Twoo.

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