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Corpus Christi (determined by Christian calendar) means the body of Christ.This holiday falls two Thursdays after Pentecost, or the Thursday immediately after Trinity Sunday on which day the Roman Catholic Faith observes the dogma of the Triune God.


New Year’s Day – January 1st Carnival Monday* – At a date to be determined Carnival Tuesday* – At a date to be determined Shouter Baptist Liberation Day – March 30th Good Friday – At a date to be determined Easter Monday – At a date to be determined Arrival Day – May 30th Corpus Christi – At a date to be determined Labour Day – June 19th Emancipation Day – August 1st Independence Day – August 31st Republic Day – September 24th Christmas Day – December 25th Boxing Day – December 26th Divali – At a date to be determined Eid-Ul-Fitr – At a date to be determined * – Carnival Monday and Tuesday are not national holidays but it is customary for most businesses to close their offices on these days.

These days are celebrated, in either February or March, on the Monday and Tuesday immediately preceding Ash Wednesday on the Christian calendar.


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