Christian sexual purity dating tip on dating black woman

However, it becomes increasingly difficult to convince them to live a life of purity when most of the adults around them are not.It’s bad enough that celebrities and their friends offer bad examples, but unfortunately it is often difficult to even find examples of Christians living a life of purity.I am committed to living a life of purity and I proudly wear a purity promise ring because I’ve always told my students that I would never ask them to do anything I wouldn’t do.In fact, I’ve encouraged them to inquire if they ever see me without my ring because that’s symbolic of breaking the vow.Nevertheless, I wear it proudly because it’s an outward symbol of the inward commitment I’ve made to God and my future husband. When people ask about my ring, it gives me an opportunity to tell them about Christ and my commitment to Him.Well even though the world is not obsessed with purity, you must have some interest to have gotten this far down on the page.So in honor of your faithfulness to read and hopefully apply this information, let me continue by defining purity and sharing some information on how to live a life of purity.In today’s society, Christian purity seems to be elusive or considered old fashioned.


However, when adults notice my ring they don’t view it as a symbol of pride.

In fact, I am often looked at as if I have two heads when I state it’s a purity promise ring.

Well it’s true that may be the way things are in the world, but we must remember we are in the world and not of the world.

I am often appalled when I speak with young girls because very little is shocking to them and almost nothing seems to be off limits.

Unfortunately, sex and sexual activities seem to be commonplace or a way of life for many of them.

This saddens me because they don’t realize the precious gift they possess and that it should be treasured.


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