Christine lakin dating andy fickman

Wailing “I want to be that girl,” Amy morphs into the persona of Sneaux (pronounced “Snox”) Devareaux, the much put-upon 14-year-old heroine of the current hot novel of the same name.The first act follows Sneaux’s efforts to rise above the family dynamic as they wallow in the swamps of Commode, La.Stolinaya (Nygro), her fey-to-the-max skating champion son Nyetka (Max Ciano) and Nyetka’s hard-as-nails skating partner Sissy (Lakin).Unfortunately, some unneeded plot machinations and thematic excess undermine the farcical flow of this bottom-feeding but still inventive effort, featuring a workable 20-tune score and a first-rate, thoroughly dedicated ensemble.


Before Sneaux and Arbor can achieve happiness and fame, our heroine is sold off to unbalanced Dolly Parton clone Poppy Carlyle (Lori Scarlett) and her lascivious hubby, Carl (Paul Nygro), a vet who proceeds to give Sneaux a more-than-thorough pelvic exam to a rocking “I Won’t Hurt You,” featuring a trio of nubile dancing nurses.The inside jokes abound to the point of tedium, including Sneaux’s being imprisoned in the Carlyle attic, a heavy-handed tribute to V. Andrews’ genre classic “Flowers in the Attic.” There is also an ongoing gag with her late mother’s diary, which reveals she is really the heir to the throne of France, a la “The Princess Diaries.” The second act, called “Book Two: Bitter Frost,” moves at a thematically brisker pace and is much more successful, party because it is populated with a plethora of hilarious characters.


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