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So, for the next (what seems like an) eternity, he – and we – are left to worry that maybe she’s been hurt or worse. “I just need something to feel finished,” she explains. She can’t leave on her own, she needs a push, which her person provides. “That’s how we finish.” So the BFFs boogie, Cristina gives Mer a list of instructions (including how often to mock Alex) and reminds her that she doesn’t have to move to D. (Big distinction.) Refusing to be her father, “a trailing spouse,” she draws a line in the sand and says she’s staying put. There’s nothing that she can do in Seattle, he suggests, that she can’t do in D. But, she counters, her life is in Seattle, and she isn’t going to leave it. And, out of nowhere, Maggie mentions to Richard that she’s adopted and that her late biological mother’s name is all over the hospital.

After hugging Derek and exchanging a heartbreaking look with Owen as he’s wrist-deep in intestines, Cristina bids adieu to Richard and Bailey.

It’s hard to picture Justin Bieber with a tattoo, although the star actually has three to date.

Continuing to share his dad’s affinity for body art, Bieber recently got a tattoo on his left ribcage.

Naturally, Cristina wants to stay and perform the operation. Russell’s replacement, Maggie, can do Link’s transplant.

Even after Mer gets Cristina into the cab, she hesitates.

Beiber’s new tattoo is written vertically just below the star’s left armpit and reads “Yeshua,” which means “Jesus” in Hebrew.

Justin Bieber and his dad got the matching Hebrew tattoos during Bieber’s “My World” tour in Israel this past April.


She isn’t gonna be just fine, she’s gonna be amazeballs.

And happily, at the episode’s close, we get one last look at her in her fancy new office as she heads into her first staff meeting at her new hospital.


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    Instead of taking a one-time snapshot of who you are, Zoosk offers a more personalized experience in online dating.

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    Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough Just as important as assessing the recovering addict’s status is understanding your own. Does addiction strike a nerve with you, perhaps because there’s an addict in your family?

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    As we near the birthday of Paul Walker, who would have been 41 years old on September 12, it is still hard to believe that the youthful, energetic and attractive actor is truly gone.

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    Our technology is designed with one goal in mind – to help you find true love and long term commitment.

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