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The rest of the time, it's all about you, your tools and the feeling of empowerment when you look at a job well done.

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and let a professional take care of things.Knowing what to ask and what to look out for will empower you to take control of your auto repairs instead of sitting on the sidelines with your checkbook.Proper information is important when working on your car. From old standbys to newly discovered nuggets we'll tell you what stuff we'd love to have around the shop and what should be left at the auto parts store and laughed at.


From new products to industry secrets, check back often for picks and pans alike!Use these reference pages to brush up on technical jargon with out complete auto repair dictionary, database of OBD and OBDII DTC Codes, timing belt information and more. Those of us who remember a gallon also remember how mad we got when the price of our prized juice hit that dollar mark. What's gone is gone, and today's prices only seem to be getting worse.


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