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A statue of a young Cilla Black is set to be sited outside the original entrance to Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club.

The bronze sculpture is being funded by and donated to Liverpool by the late star’s three sons as a ‘thank you’ for the city’s support and affection after their mum’s death last summer.

It will be created by artists Emma Rodgers and Andy Edwards, and will be cast in Castle Fine Arts foundry in the Baltic Quarter.


Robert says: “I remembered whenever we filmed in Mathew Street, she always made a point of saying ‘well that’s not where the Cavern was, the original entrance was over there’.“That original spot is marked with a plaque and a photo, but if you watch, especially the tourists, they don’t really stop there because they just see the new Cavern and go straight for that.“But we wanted to have something that was a fitting memorial, and something that was also for the people of Liverpool. Read more: Cilla Black's resting place transformed after being hit by thieves “We were incredibly humbled and grateful for the way the city reacted on hearing about my mum’s passing, and obviously the funeral she had was amazing.“So we wanted to make a gesture of gratitude, and that’s why we wanted to commission the statue, but we wanted it to be something for the people of the city as well as being a memorial to my mum.

“Hopefully that’s something that will be a positive addition to the city and something people will enjoy interacting with.” The brothers were introduced to Emma Rodgers by radio presenter Pete Price, and have been working closely with Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson and the city to find the perfect location for the statue.They also looked at the waterfront area, but chose Mathew Street because of its importance in the city’s musical history and also in Cilla’s early career.


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