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While this may seem at odds with disappearing messages, integrating a stream that includes shared clips could help avoid the secrecy of Snapchat.Snapchat took the teen world by storm with its messaging service that lets users take a photo or a brief video and send it to their friends, knowing the snap would disappear in 10 seconds or less.But screenshots were child's play to take, which meant a message could be saved to a quick-fingered recipient's phone and then passed around.[See also: 15-year-old Girl Explains Snapchat ] Clipchat makes it just as easy to take photos and videos and send them to friends as Snapchat does, but the new app also offers several important safeguards.


In Snapchat, you'll have to go to your contact list, open a gear icon and decide to delete or block from the dropdown — no reporting mechanism is available.Sharing option discourages secrecy While Clipchat creator Iddiction, the same group that launched "I'd Cap That" and "Face Swap" apps, has included more robust privacy features, the app maker is also taking a page from Instagram and has made group sharing possible. And while kids often seem oblivious to privacy concerns, parents have had good reason to worry. At first glance, Clipchat appears to be just another Snapchat clone, but a closer look reveals it has more to offer in the way of privacy.

However, Clipchat has placed its friend control buttons under each incoming message.When you go to your inbox to view your clips, simply tap on the sender's name to open a bar that lets you reply, add as a friend, block that person or report the sender for inappropriate or offensive content .


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