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The family laid Jordan to rest a week ago Saturday.

Chad ran outside, saw Jordan on the ground, tried to help him, and, police say, Chad was shot five times. "He would help anybody if he could, never did anything to hurt anybody, for sure.

He was definitely somebody I leaned on and depended on to help me with my children."Photos | Brothers shot, one killed while babysitting%%This past weekend, police told Franchesca, Chad and the rest of their family that they'd arrested the four suspects, and charged each of them with murder and aggravated assault: Clarissa Mc Ghee, 24 Nashea Poole, 21 Antonio Avery, 25 Demarco Butler, 27"From what they've done," Franchesca said, "I know that they're heartless, cold-hearted people who don't deserve to see the light of day again."What was taken?

According to police, one of the women said she wanted to see the brothers' dog, which was outside, barking.

The brothers had met the two women, according to police, on the website

Detectives say the suspects' motive was robbery.

"Doesn't appear that anything was taken," said De Kalb County Police Homicide Sergeant Sabrena Dorsey.

"Robbery was the motive, but we don't think anything was taken from the house.""They left with his life," Franchesca said, "so they left with something far more precious than… Dorsey said investigators are not blaming the victims, but everyone can be careful not to place themselves in potentially vulnerable situations."If you want to meet someone using dating websites, I'm not saying don't do that, but maybe meet them in public places.

But in the words of the men's sister, the four people took "something more precious than anything on earth."It was on September 1, after midnight, when, police say, Jordan and Chad Collins invited two women they'd met on the dating website to come over, and the women did.

The brothers were staying at their sister's house on Tunbridge Wells Crescent, babysitting her young children, who were asleep upstairs, while she was out of town.%%Police say the women brought two men with them, and the two men hid just outside the house.


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