Columbus short dating 2016

Even then, Columbus Short avoided prison and was instead sentenced to three years of probation.When asks about his violence toward women, Columbus Short has failed to make a statement.After a series of court disputes, Columbus Short was charged for the crimes against his wife.Now, just two years later, Short is remarried, and you won’t believe who his new wife is.Luckily, there are some telling facts which prove that there’s something fishy about columbus Short and marriages.The actor was first married to Brandi Short, which did not last more than two years.Then in 2005, he married Tanee Mc Call Short, to whom he was wed for almost 10 years.



Based on Karrine Steffans own statements, Columbus Short is her legal spouse.

It was after a concerned fan commented on Steffans engagement photo to “be careful,” apparently referring to Columbus Short’s history of domestic violence.


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