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For more info check out the site: * Nobody wants that to happen, least of all, Stephen King.

Rumor has it that book lovers would rather be alone at home on a Saturday night snuggled to a book than anything else.

“My dream is to have the children of a happy Soul Geek couple be watching cartoons made by Mary Kay, and then have them know that she is the reason their parents are together,” he said.

The site currently boasts 15,000 users from across the world with another 1,000 added each month.


25 times in the theater, it makes it impossible to connect with anyone,” Andrade said.“You would have thought that being a widower would have been a bigger hurdle to jump.As a seasoned voice actor of many cartoons and video games, it was only natural that Andrade would fall in love with Mary Kay Bergman, famously known for creating and performing all the original female roles on (including the Blame Canada song!! When she tragically passed away in November of 1999, the two had been married for over a decade.It took years to recover from the loss, but eventually he decided to get back on the saddle, according to Andrade, who said the most difficult part about it was being a geek.

Not the case.” Now in his 40s, Andrade found love again with his old high school sweetheart — who’s also a fangal.However, he never forgot the difficulty of weeding out the majority of the population to find a geeky soul mate and so he started Soul in 2007 with the money left to him by his late wife.


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