Computer keeps updating configuration dating hot and


Don’t go for the nuclear option of a complete reinstallation just because it has begun to be a little buggy.

Waiting it out should be your first course of action.

Some forum users have reported that leaving their PCs in the error loop overnight has led to the rollback being performed in time and the updates being made to be installed again.

The key is not to panic when you are faced with the error loop.

Sometimes, an update may be required because you have formatted your PC or done a factory reset of the operating system.

A not too uncommon error that may have crossed your path while installing Windows updates for whatever reason may be this:“To a lot of people, attention spans and patience in the modern day aren’t going to come easily.

As you go about your day with a Windows PC, you may at some point be required to install certain updates.

Whether you want to or not, some updates are necessary to maintain the security and stability of your system in a world of bugs, crashes and hackers.


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