Configuration options for updating windows xp pro

The system and driver configurations are returned to the state they were in at the time of the most recent successful boot.

The basic idea behind this concept is that when Windows boots successfully, it makes note of the current configuration, marking it as good.

If a catastrophic configuration change were to occur and Windows is unable to boot, then the system still has a record of a configuration that is known to be good.

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The first technique that I recommend trying in an effort to roll back a catastrophic configuration change is to use the Last Known Good Configuration feature.


Then select the Last Known Good Configuration option.

If you are able to boot Windows using the Last Known Good Configuration, then there is nothing else that you need to do (i.e.

One particularly frustrating aspect of working with Windows involves making an incorrect configuration change that completely disables the OS.

Fortunately, depending on the change that was made, it is sometimes possible to return Windows to a functional state with minimal effort.

In this article, I will show you some techniques for recovering from various types of configuration problems.

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