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Your customers will receive an HTML email notification (viewable on mobile or desktop) with a link to view the online invoice in a browser.You can view if – and when – customers have opened invoices in real-time.You will have visibility of whether an invoice has been sent, bounced, viewed, downloaded, printed or paid. MYOB details and you can then change the PIN.)Once you’re in, select the online company file you want to work with, and enter the user account details you usually sign in to Account Right with. It’s easy to create and email invoices for your customers and record any payments they make.If your company file is online, and you have a compatible Android or i OS device, you’re ready to go—all you need to do is download and install the MYOB On The Go app: The first time you log in to MYOB On The Go, enter your my. You’ll then need to set a 4-digit security PIN, which will make future log-ins faster and easier.(If you ever need to change your PIN, just tap Forgotten your password? To view a map showing a contact’s address, or to get driving directions from your current location, display the contact’s details and then tap on the address field.

Wikidsmart turns your enterprise wiki into an information collaboration dashboard, delivering: structure to your wiki; semantic capture of information within the wiki; deep interoperability with other applications and tools; exposure of information from other tools and applications; and smart search across all tools and applications.

z Agile's solution for semantic enablement of wikis consists of the following high-level functional components: z Agile seemed too good to be true, but they proved it to me.

Information collaboration is the deep integration of information across teams, tools, and applications, with a common semantic web based infrastructure, enabling comprehensive organization-wide collaboration.

Challenges of the Traditional Enterprise Wiki Whereas a wiki provide an easy mechanism for users to collaborate, develop and maintain documentation and other content within an enterprise, its inherent wiki characteristics also come with some natural limitations: Previous Approaches to Semantic Enablement of Wikis There have been a number of semantic wiki initiatives that have attempted to tackle some combinations of the limitations outlined above.

And everything you do is immediately synced with your Account Right company file.

You can send and track invoices from your smartphone with a consistent, more professional appearance.


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