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(However, those students not wishing to develop reading skills can still follow the course using the pinyin book.) The text book for this course is by P. may, if they wish, acquire 2 ECTS credits after successfully completing their Evening Class.This Lower Intermediate course for students who have a good grounding in Mandarin Chinese and wish to tackle more complicated structures.By the end of the course students can expect to have mastered most of the basic speech patterns and grammatical structures of Mandarin.Throughout the course, oral and listening skills will be further developed. An accompanying character text is available: Character Text for Colloquial Chinese (Simplified or Traditional Version).To qualify, a student must attend the classes regularly and pass a test at the end of the second term.

The focus of the course will be on speaking and listening, but students will be also taught the rudiments of Chinese script, after which they can choose whether to continue learning Chinese characters or concentrate on learning the language through the medium of Romanized Chinese. Enrolment infos Imperial College undergraduates may, if they wish, acquire 2 ECTS credits after successfully completing their Evening Class.

The teacher may supplement the main course book with other materials.

After revision of basic structures, students will move on to study grammatical structures of greater complexity and a wider range of speech patterns. Pollard and, for those students who choose to study script, its accompanying Character Text for Colloquial Chinese (Simplified Version).

While students can expect to develop their oral and listening skills, to this will now be added the study of Chinese script. The teacher may supplement the course with additional material.

Students will be invited to apply in the second term to take the test.

This Post-Beginners course is intended for students who have taken our Beginner’s course (or similar), have mastered the four tones, can already handle simple structures and who now wish to immerse themselves in studying the language in earnest.


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