Consolidating medical bills


The same report said that 19.5% of credit reports contain one or more medical expenses.While most hospitals and doctor’s offices don’t report missed or late payments to the national bureaus, debt collection agencies do.Though there are several avenues for medical debt consolidation, bankruptcy becomes a popular choice.




When Landon woke up the next day, the cough was gone and so was the pain in his chest.In fact, other than the 0 bill from the walk-in clinic, he said he felt fine. His walk-in clinic doctor had showed Landon’s x-ray to another doctor, who thought he spotted serious problems with Landon’s lungs. He quickly was checked in and spent two nights in the hospital, getting poked, prodded and examined before a pulmonologist came in, looked at the chart and told him to go home, everything was fine. Landon’s bill for two nights at the hospital, with x-rays, MRIs and what have yous added on, was ,963.


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