Consolidating music files mac

Please upgrade to Mega Seg 6 for compatibility, and check out our Version History page to catch up with all the new features and improvements in Mega Seg 6!

If you use 3rd-party peripherals such as MIDI controllers or external audio interfaces, you may need to install new drivers or firmware updates for compatibility with the latest OS X.

Mega Seg 6 works with the latest and greatest mac OS Sierra, as well as older versions of Mac OS X going back to 10.6 Snow Leopard.

It’s always a good idea to have a safety net just in case, and keep a backup drive or i Pod with your music handy.As with any major system upgrade, it’s wise to proceed with caution if you are using your system in a “mission critical” situation.For example, you might install the OS X upgrade on an external drive to test it out before you upgrade your Mac’s main drive.(You can even install OS X and Mega Seg on your backup and boot from it directly.) Sorry, not at this time.

Even if you lose that, our recovery system will get back up and running fast. Mega Seg is only available online via our site (the DJ edition is also available via the Mac App Store, if you prefer.) You can backup the download file to a CD-ROM or flash drive.

If you ever lose your copy of Mega Seg, just contact us for a replacement download. You really, really need a physical copy (as a gift for example)?


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