Country music stars dating

At 6'4", this former University of Alabama at Birmingham quarterback and free agent for the Kansas City Chiefs, is changing country music completely.

If you don't recognize Sam Hunt, you probably recognize the songs he's written: Kenny Chesney's "Come Over," Billy Currington's "We Are Tonight" and Keith Urban's "Cop Car."Sam's single, "Leave The Night On" surpassed 500,000 track sales making it Hunt's first certified Gold record as an artist.

"So, that was definitely instilled in me through playing ball, through the coaches, and through my own desire to win.

That competitive spirit just drives you to do what you need to do to win in football."With music, "that competitive spirit is still there, I'm not necessarily competing against other people, but it's more competing against the expectation I've set for myself, and a goal." That competitive spirit drove him to succeed in Nashville after his NFL career ended, "I didn't want to move to Nashville to just have fun pursuing the idea of doing well and being successful in music."His college days helped influence his music career in more ways than one.

"I went to a pawn shop, in the town where I'm from, bought a cheap guitar, and thought that I could take it off to college."Sam headed to college with his new purchase, but didn't get to spend a lot of time playing guitar. So, how did his time in football help him succeed in music?


It sparked enough interest and inspired me to pick up a guitar of my own," he tells us.

"I just have an open mind to a person that I will connect with in a very unique way.


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