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What each bachelor or bachelorette lists as their interests on their profile could create a make or break an opportunity for true love. “Essentially, they broke down which words are used with relative frequency in certain states, as compared to relative infrequency in the rest of the country.”Below you’ll see a map of the United States that shows each state labeled with the term most commonly found in online dating profiles. For instance, the most popular term used in Florida is “Disney,” which is likely touted by many as a great spot for a first date.In Arkansas and Louisiana, hunting unsurprisingly seems to be a big interest for singles.The above, for example, is the bottom portion of Louisiana. each day to trade messages with possible love interests. On the other hand, Texas is classically a rugged place, so Texas girls are also taught not to take any lip from anyone and to stand on their own two feet without expecting to be rescued.


Many interesting stories can come from this data and it’s indispensable in making country-wide decisions and policies, but it only glosses the surface.

Census data doesn’t so much tell us To join a dating site you have to, quite literally, “put yourself out there”, describing yourself for the express purpose of being liked. You have to provide, in addition to some basic statistics, two pieces of prose: you have to say who you are, and you have to say who you want to be with. See the rest of the series here, which also includes county maps of sexiness, virginity, and shyness.

Other notable terms include Texas and Oklahoma’s “Oil,” Indiana’s love for “NASCAR,” and Missouri’s fondness of the “zoo.”Does your state’s most commonly used term match up with your expectations?

Although this map doesn’t represent every individual’s interests, it gives a great example of the difference in each locale’s unique cultures.

Our highly-trained advocates are available 24/7 to talk confidentially with anyone experiencing domestic violence, seeking resources or information, or questioning unhealthy aspects of their relationship. The traditional way to gauge who we are as a country, state, or city is to turn to Census data for population, salaries, and family size.


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    Craft a unique, attention grabbing profile that leaves them wanting to know more.

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    (Don’t wear a cocktail dress if you’re going out for coffee; don’t wear baggy jeans to the opera. Be polite and engaging — and then graciously decline a second date. Still scared to leave the house for the great unknown?

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    Her first webcam contained only black-and-white images of her in the dorm room.

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    As you read through these suggestions, remember that children come in all ages and some may not even live at home.

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    They will help you to find a man who will eventually become you devoted lover and husband.

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    It was easier to be anonymous on the Internet back then, to flirt and wink and experiment behind purposefully misspelled, sexually charged screennames like seksikittee69 and bigboi17 that weren’t tethered to a public Facebook account.

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    The guide is compiled in alphabetical order by state (all American Association of Railroads [AAR] reporting marks are also included with each short line) and I hope you find it useful and helpful, particularly if you are planning a railfan outing and are interested in knowing where a short line operation or two can found in a particular area.

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