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It may not be quite as established as turkey or crackers but logging on to an internet dating site has become quite the modern Christmas tradition.In the past few years sites such as and e uk have reported a huge membership spike between Boxing Day and the New Year.It is all about the chase and the effect it has on their self-esteem.”Such people, she says, can appear dazzling, “phosphorus daters” who “can go off like a sky rocket only to end up in a pile of dust”.A case of burning just a little too brightly too quickly, perhaps.“A few years back you accepted it would take a long time to get to know someone but today we have a sense of immediacy and I think this is going to become a big problem: the inability to wait for anything.

You are constantly being bombarded with opportunity.

It is almost becoming the norm to go on a date with someone, and then as soon as someone else comes along, you just bin them.“There is also the chance that there will be people who use it like stamp collecting; they are waiting for the Penny Black, sifting through every opportunity until they find it.


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