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This has more levels of seduction, and lovers perceive each other in their future rather than their present.One thing about the honeymoon phase is that, it builds a solid foundation of the next stages.If two people cannot find what they expected from their partners, the relationship ends going back to the attraction phase.Personally I believe online dating sites such as match4me can help you find the best higher educated single to date with as it has a strong basis to start the new step in your dating life.If down cycling occurs in the honeymoon stage, then the cycles begins afresh after a period of hate for the other gender.If you meet someone online you will start dating for some time.



In the honeymoon phase of the dating cycle, you will only be seeing positive things about your partner.The love at this stage grows a little bit, but blinds the eye from a person’s true colors.You really do not choose where and when you get attracted to someone, but you will feel something drawing you closer to him or her.Also known as the seduction stage, this period has little significance in building relationships except for the role of bringing two souls together.

Many dating cycles break at this point, because of the lack materials described by the cradle to cradle cycle.

Such materials include trust, faithfulness and respect.


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