Craig owens ashlee simpson dating


Now Ashlee has been linked with yet another guy, a rocker friend of Pete’s named Craig Owens who is signed to Pete’s record label. S., which just released its first album on — DUN DUN DUN — Pete Wentz’s record label.They were photographed together and Star Magazine claims that Ashlee somehow seduced this guy, as if guys need seducing usually. The mag has three pix of Ashlee and Craig hanging out together, and apparently they were seen holding hands at the Beverly Center Mall, and they even kissed on the lips.It’s just not an option.” via Jezebel] Star is really phoning it in lately. “She played the part of the temptress, getting Craig to ignore his friendship with Pete,” says a source.“She loves that it worked.” Craig has been Tweeting subtle messages like, “When you wake up to messages from someone special…knowing you’ll look at them over & over throughout the day…


Ashlee Simpson has been linked with a few guys since the news of her seemingly shocking split (to those who care) with Pete Wentz.She’s been rumored to be hooking up with heavy tatted drummer Travis Barker, which would be a dumb move considering Barker’s history of fighting and reuniting with his children’s mother, Shanna Moakler.


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