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    Welcome to Christian, a Christian dating site that has been successfully connecting Christian singles since 1999. We've featured over 2,500 testimonials of our happy couples on how they met on Christian and now live a Christ-centered marriage.

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    I do like this girl so I’m not going to blow it off with a “she wouldn’t kiss, what a time waster” type ego trip.

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    We love the easy takedown design, as well as the simple wood aesthetic.

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    Have chatted online on the IM system to dozens of more local women over the years - sometimes a one-off conversation, other times on a regular basis - most of the time it doesn't lead anywhere - and is frustrating because they're usually chatting to a number of men at the same time so the conversation is painfully slow.

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    Moreover, the members can use the video conference system to talk to many people at the same time.

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    The urinary concentration of all estrogens/estrogen metabolites combined in Asian American women was triple that in Shanghai women.

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