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And, to continue the analogy, a plain, un-made-up face – beautiful though it may be – may not stand out in a crowd of faces.Creating the perfect online dating profile is much the same.Here are a few tips for knowing what to reveal and what to hold back: MUST-HAVES: ■ Confidence – I need to be with someone who’s comfortable being themselves.■ Sense of humour – I want to be with someone who appreciates my silly side and has one of their own.It’s about striking the perfect balance between authenticity – the act of truly being yourself – and good marketing.But how do you tread the line between being too honest and holding back information that could allow someone an insight into who you really are?A great trailer gives you enough information about what to expect from a film while still keeping you in suspense and making you want to learn more.In the same way, a great profile makes others want to discover more about you, but without revealing too much about you.



Rather, it enhances your natural features; highlighting your striking cheekbones or showcasing your beautiful brows.

But just in the same way that softly lined eyes, rouged cheeks and glossed lips can help create a perfect, confident face radiating with possibility, there’s something really unappealing about a face painted too heavily with foundation, obviously false lashes and too-bright lipstick.

Creating a great online dating profile is a little bit like putting on makeup.

(Male readers – just work with me here) When applied correctly, makeup doesn’t transform you into another person.


Here are a few tips for creating a dating profile that will showcase you in your best light while inviting other users to want to learn more.The basics: Come up with creative but honest answers that showcase your personality A profile that really lets you shine A good way to think about your profile is to imagine it as a trailer to a feature film.


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