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If you are facing breast cancer, we can help you learn about your treatment options and possible side effects, and point you to information and services to help you get through treatment and live well afterward.The American Cancer Society is committed to relentlessly pursuing the answers that will save lives from breast cancer.Around 85% of the time it is random, but in around 15% of cases it's inherited from a parent who may .That's why, as a parent of a child with Cd CS, it's sensible to get your own chromosomes tested if you are considering having more children.

Cridu received a major facelift just in time for 2013 Cri du Chat Awareness Week.

The effects of the syndrome vary a lot, depending on how much of the chromosome is deleted.

Whether you’re worried about developing breast cancer, making decisions about treatment, or trying to stay well after treatment, we can help.

Find detailed information in our Detailed Guide, or get a shorter, simpler version in If You Have Breast Cancer.

In fact, the Society has been a part of nearly every major breast cancer research breakthrough in recent history.

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