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Beloved country singer Patsy Cline died on March 5, 1963 when the airplane she was riding in plummeted into the Tennessee wilderness, and the crash site is now remembered by a meditative boulder.

Along with fellow country musicians Cowboy Copas, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and Randy Hughes, Cline perished en route to Nashville after recently having described feeling a sense of impending doom.

In the interview, White barely mentioned reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases to mitigate climate change, although I know he thinks this would be a very good idea.

Instead, he emphasized the need for societies to adapt to what he considers to be inevitable and very significant changes.

What the site lacks in grandeur it makes up for in an atmosphere of quiet reflection. Just before you reach it, turn left onto Mount Carmel Rd.

This item was posted on August 3, 2010, and it was categorized as Climate Change, ice cores, paleoclimatology, sea level rise. White is a paleoclimatologist — he studies ancient climates to understand better how Earth’s climate system works.

The “lede” for the story I would write based on this interview is pretty astonishing: In White’s view, it’s already too late to turn back the clock on climate change to save low-lying coastal cities like Miami.


Jim White leaning on the wing of an airplane at the North Greenland Ice Core Project site in 2004. ) He has just returned from another trip to Greenland — this time with a sober assessment of where we’re headed with climate change This morning I interviewed James White, the director of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research here in Boulder, for KGNU radio’s “How on Earth” science show.He has just journeyed back from the Greenland ice sheet, where he has been part of an international science team working on the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling project, or NEEM.Click here for MP3 audio of the entire science show, including the interview.(The recording actually includes quite a bit of other material from before the science show, so scroll forward to about 13 minutes into the program, where the White interview begins.) Below are some of the most significant moments from the interview.

The site, located deep in the middle of the woods, is now marked with a cement plateau which culminates in an installed boulder with the names of the crash victims etched into the top.There is also a small gazebo with an informational collage about the singer. Cross Hwy 391/1, and you'll see a Mc Donald's on the right.


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