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Once these criteria are established, it can be determined if the clock is genuine or married. There is NO G, I, O, Q, Y or Z Production Code Production year(s) A 1970/1990/2010/2030 B 1971/1991/2011/2031 C 1972/1992/2012/2032 D 1973/1993/2013/2033 E 1974/1994/2014/2034 F 1975/1995/2015/2035 H 1976/1996/2016/2036 J 1977/1997/2017/2037 K 1978/1998/2018/2038 L 1979/1999/2019/2039 M 1980/2000/2020/2040 N 1981/2001/2021/2041 P 1982/2002/2022/2042 R 1983/2003/2023/2043 S 1984/2004/2024/2044 T 1985/2005/2025/2045 U 1986/2006/2026/2046 V 1987/2007/2027/2047 W 1988/2008/2028/2048 X 1989/2009/2029/2049 EXPLANATION: Near the center of each movement, there is a LETTER stamped into the movement. The letter repeats every 20 years Example: Movements produced in 1990 will have the same letter "A" as movements produced in 1970, 2010, and 2030.

Manufacturing Codes For “Regula” cuckoo clock movements The code is a single alphabetical letter stamped on the back movement plate.

The traditional clock design and its mechanism has remained the same though many manufacturers produce clocks with electronic mechanisms and some synthetic parts.

Many times customers will want to know how I can tell if a movement in a clock has been replaced.

They derived an extra source of income during winter months by carving pendulum-regulated clocks with a cuckoo emerging every quarter of an hour.

The mechanism to produce a cuckoo call was invented a century later.


I’ve inherited a wooden carved antique cuckoo clock manufactured by Hubert Herr from Germany. The weight itself can be indicative of the age, though.

It’s been in the family for at least two decades (I’ve been told three, though), which means that it was either manufactured during the 1800’s, or the early 1900’s. I’ve also been told that the numbers on the weights can be indicative (the numbers say 1500). Please send me some helpful info – sarcasm is overrated.

German, and specifically Black Forest, cuckoo clock manufacture became an established business in the 19th century.

All the clock parts, the case, decoration and moveable mechanisms, were made of wood.

To saaanen: I’m well aware that the numbers on the weights refer to the weight.Woodcutters in the Black Forest region of Germany invented cuckoo clocks sometime during the 17th century.


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