Current events of jerusalem dating anywhere between 2016 january 2016


Travel Health and Safety; Transportation Security; Stolen items; Religious Terrorism; Religious Violence; Theft; Financial Security; Rape/Sexual Violence; Assault; Drug Trafficking; Fraud; Burglary; VBIEDs; Winter weather; Aviation; Employee Health Safety; Kidnapping Overall Crime and Safety Situation Post Crime Rating: Medium Crime Threats Local press and police reports reveal that persons in Israel are subject to the same criminal threats as they would encounter in any other developed country, ranging from financial crimes, organized criminal activity, sexual assaults, drunk driving, narcotic and gambling violations and confidence swindles. The vast majority of vehicle owners in Israel have taken precautions and invested in security alarm, tracking and disabling systems to protect and recover their vehicles from theft. government personnel have sporadically been the victims of the following crimes: residential burglaries and property theft, theft of unattended personal items left in public places, motor vehicle thefts and break-ins, and stolen bicycles. In most cases, the stolen vehicles are not recovered, as they are quickly conveyed by the thieves and disposed of in neighboring countries and territories.Reports of petty theft are not uncommon, to include unattended items left in vehicles and public places.The Embassy receives frequent reports of such occurrences from both private American citizens and Embassy employees. Be alert to street vendors who often aggressively harass tourists.Residential burglaries are a common occurrence, especially in affluent neighborhoods.

In most cases, burglaries of attended residences tend to be perpetrated by non-confrontational burglars using surreptitious means under the cover of darkness.Day-time burglaries of unattended residences are also not uncommon. Embassy community experienced four residential burglaries and frequently received reports of burglaries targeting private homes in close proximity to our residences.


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