Curtis dating stone

The book led to Curtis getting an agent and a number of opportunities within the media.The acknowledgment helped the restaurant, as well, increasing the length of the waiting list.In 2004, Curtis hosted a major Channel 7 restaurant reality series in Australia titled, "My Restaurant Rules".He's also hosted a number of shows including "Dinner in a Box", "Good Food Live" and "Saturday Kitchen".In London, he started cooking alongside Marco Pierre White, who was the youngest man in the world to be awarded 3 Michelin stars.Curtis started the same afternoon at Marco's restaurant, The Grill Room, Café Royal.Curtis then went on to work at the Mirabelle as Sous Chef and assisted in creating the "Mirabelle Cookbook".He worked there for an additional year and, during his time there, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star.

Curtis was included in a book about London's finest chefs titled "London on a Plate".

Curtis has been based in Los Angeles, California hosting Take Home Chef (2005) for the Discovery Networks' "TLC" (The Learning Channel).

Previously, Curtis filmed his first major TV series in Australia in 2003 called "Surfing the Menu", he went on to film three series, altogether.

Curtis Stone began cooking at The Savoy Hotel, in his hometown of Melbourne Australia, at the age of 18.

After completing his qualifications as a Chef, he took on his next challenge and set off to Europe seeing what Italy, France and Spain had to offer before finally arriving in London.Curtis has appeared twice on NBC's The Today (1952) Show.


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