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Cyber Sex The Cyber Sex Addiction FAQ Possibilities of Cyber - Sex, be careful!Cyber-sex scammer jailed Cyberstalking - Cyber Criminals Most Wanted Masturbation Overcoming Masturbation - a Christian perspective, very useful Masturbation: Up to No Good (cf Persona Humana, element 9) The Pastoral Problem of Masturbation (Catholic) Wasting Seed / Birth Control (Jewish presentation) Articles on Masturbation and Islam Here is a classic example of a person who thinks that the euphoric sensations found in sex are actualy spiritual.As computer networks become ever more sophisticated and voice chat more common, even this distinction fades. For a married person to engage in this activity constitutes a form of adultery.This page is worth reading to see the motivation of lusty persons in action, totally absorbed in the bodily misconception of life and aggrivating their sexual energies through Tantric Yoga in charging the sexual energy up the spine through the chakras without ejaculations as the primarily goal of sex and other masturbation techniques, and thinking it's all spiritual.

Restoring our faith; Restoring our families; Restoring our lives.Cyber Sex Chat Addicts Anonymous exists as an online resource for people who have become addicted and realize the harm this addiction has caused in their lives.


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