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The Rose Garden address was his first public comment on the dramatic defeat of the Democratic candidate he had thrown huge time and energy into campaigning for.

He used it to praise the orderly transition which had come between George W Bush's eight years and his own and said that would be a model for how he and his staff would behave.

PIERS MORGAN: 'The new President-elect of the United States of America is Donald J.


President Obama said he was rooting for the new president and said the entire American people should.He spoke at the White House where President-elect Trump is expected tomorrow.I genuinely don't think she ever gave any serious thought to losing to someone like Trump, who will now become the only President never to serve in political life or the military.But, Trump, against all the odds and mockery, just won the biggest prize of them all.

Trump won because he challenged all political convention and every single facet of the establishment.I was struck by the sheer scale of cocky complacency which enveloped the Hillary Clinton camp in the past few weeks as Election Day approached.



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