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As they're unable to use their dizzying wit or repartee to distract us, I can't help but make snap judgments based on their appearances - too short, too beardy, too bald - but no doubt they are doing the same about us. I shake my head, but let out a long high note to show him that I sing (a bit). The organiser, Lucy Baker, stands up and explains what the evening entails. Then he looks down at the floor and stays like that for what seems like an eternity. Their full-backs were never given enough protection.Before the game I thought that United’s ability to defend the wide areas would decide the game, and so it was.Look at the great centre-back partnerships for Manchester United over the years, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic, Jaap Stam and Ronny Johnsen, Steve Bruce and Gary Pallister, they were all partnerships where both players were good in the air, comfortable at heading away crosses into the box.When you play against West Ham United, that is what you need to be able to do.

Yes, West Ham play some fantastic football, but when they get into good areas to cross they have excellent delivery, whether from Dimitri Payet or Aaron Cresswell.And Manchester United are a team who are always going to concede a lot of crosses, especially when they play Juan Mata out on the right, as they did last night.



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