Datascroller not updating

The reason this is probably happening is because you have your handler in request scope and since the command Link is another request, it cannot find the original handler instance to post back to.By simply having this save State in here, mine started working. When I click on the datascroller, my data Table does not refresh automatically to show the correct page. You have copy-pasted this from the Rich Faces demo, but you have removed the "sc1" component, so perhaps a javascript error occurs that prevents the table from refreshing.If, however, I press the refresh button the data Table shows the correct page. Also make sure you have your You may want to consider using t:save State tag or putting the handler in session scope.The rich:data Scroller component implements Ajax pagination for data iteration components such as tables. In Rich Faces 4.x, no additional updating is required in order to synchronize different rich:data Scroller components attached to the same table. ROUND_HALF_UP; private List all Vendors = List("Chevrolet", "Ford", "Nissan", "Toyota", "GMC", "Infiniti"); private int current Car Index; private Inventory Item edited Car; private int page = 1; private int client Rows; public void switch Ajax Loading(Value Change Event event) { this.client Rows = (Boolean) New Value() ?Hi, I'm new to richfaces and I'm having a problem with the datascroller. I get result on the initial page(5 rows), but when I try to navigate on the 2nd page, everything goes blank. In the console, I can see that scroller Page = 2 now.


Thanks, Francois in system Messages Bean, I have the following: private int scroller Page = 1; public int get Scroller Page() { println("scroller Page = " + scroller Page ); return this.scroller Page; } public void set Scroller Page(int scroller Page) { this.scroller Page = scroller Page ; } Try wrapping it in a List Data Model.The table is paginated ok but something strange happens with the links: When I click a link (for example the link of the page 2) nothing happens, but when just after I refresh the page (with the F5 key) then refresh the page and the table shows the page 2 successfully.


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